Meet Jenni

I would definitely say that I have hustled hard over the past few years to really try to figure out what I want to "be" or do in life. I definitely want to be in business for myself. I have ALWAYS wanted a boutique. Mostly a kids boutique, but I really struggle dressing myself so this is where I'm starting. I probably did that backwards.

I had a mediocre hairbow shop on Etsy for about 7 years, and then turned it into a decal shop. It blew up and I held the title of a 7 time Etsy Bestseller(which is such a big deal, lol). I was able to transition to just working at home (I decided to keep my part time job bc I really do love it, but I typically work once every few weeks).

I decided to move my decals over to Lexington Decals and I haven't looked back.

I am an adamant follower of Christ. I was baptized and accepted Jesus into my heart after I had my almost 10 years ago!

I've been a wife for, like, ever. My husband and I have basically figured out how to be adults together. He's a police officer and I am his biggest supporter and he is mine(and also my sister).

We have 5 kiddos! They keep us so busy! Our oldest just started WKU and our youngest just turned 2! Who knows if we'll have more. We also have one doggo, Tucker. He brings us so much joy that I have tears in my eyes just writing this. The 2 cats are self sufficient. We really just feed and dress them. It's a mutual agreement.

I'm learning as I go! Sure, I would have done some things differently starting out, knowing what I know now, but having an online boutique is such a process and a really big learning curve.

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