Spotlighting Small Business JP Accessories

The Storefront Market spotlights small business JP Accessories.

JP Accessories actually started out as Jenni & Tim; Live with 5. It's because I used to sell popular $5 jewelry through a MLM. 

I was scrolling the Facebook Live page one night and came across this lady selling $5 jewelry. She was hustling! Everything she held up sold out! She had like 50-100 pieces of one piece and people were snatching up around 5 of each! I could not believe it. I was intrigued and HOOKED. I started stalking all the Elites in this particular MLM and watching all their lives day in and out. I watched their youtube videos and just all the things. I was obsessed. 

Her particular goal was to buy a house in cash(and she actually DID a few months later). I thought to myself, well, we've been wanting to buy a house and if she can do it, I can too. So I signed up. I signed up under a friend-big mistake and I definitely don't recommend ever doing this to become successful unless your friend is extremely successful and inspiring. 

I made a goal to buy a house in a year with cash. I started setting up my pages, etc., waiting for my kit to come in. After I bought my kit, I purchased SO MUCH jewelry every. single. day. Turns out the kits were backordered for two weeks and everything else was backordered for 4-6 weeks. Didn't know that either, because the company didn't allow the consultants to publicly complain about had to have a consultant ID to join some training groups and as soon as I had it, I joined them and then just deflated.

So as soon as my kit came in, I plucked up the courage to go live and did nearly every day. I didn't sell much, honestly. It took several months to even make $30/week. But, the more I went live and the more I posted, the more I started to sell. I used my personal paychecks to buy more and more because I thought that was the answer to selling more.

Some of the stuff was so so cute but most of it just wasn't my taste. 

It all came crashing down when my political. Yup. She posted extreme misinformation that put my family indirectly at risk but put lots of my friends directly at risk of being harmed. 

I gave myself 48 hours to cool down. I unfriended and deleted her off all the social medias. 

I think in my heart I knew I wasn't going to continue with the company because there was absolutely ZERO percent of switching uplines and as her consultant that gave her the highest percent of commission, I just couldn't justify her getting another penny from me. I started researching wholesale jewelry companies because I JUST KNEW

I knew that I could still sell accessories, and I should have realized it sooner, I should have thought to go into business for MYSELF. Without risking compliance, WHILE getting to choose all the things for myself, without having to worry about who is GETTING MY COIN. lol

Anyway. I discussed it with my husband and he was concerned about the current inventory level I already had(I've taken care of almost allll of that in GOOB groups) and I closed my MLM stuff down and placed 7 HUGE wholesale orders.

Here's the thing. Almost every single thing that I posted, that I picked out for myself, has sold. I had to reorder extra quantities

My ultimate goal for JP Accessories is to have a full pricing(from inexpensive to high quality) of items available to women and I hope you'll be along for the ride!


Written by Jenni Pugh: Owner of Small Business JP Accessories, Co-Owner of The Storefront Market.

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  • Bunni!!! Im so excited for and proud of you! You never cease to amaze me. Keep up the good work. I know God will bless you big. Love you!💋🤗

    Dreama Elegbede

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