Super FUN Day With Leslie!

Leslies came to Lexington and went with me to the Summit to take some merch photos!

We started off at my home, picking out I needed to get photographed. I was surprised about how many pieces of clothing she wanted to photograph. I thought we'd surely not be able to get through all of them.

Leslie wanted to drive! We were going to go to Midway initially to check out The Amsden and take photos with the older architecture but it was super close to their closing time so went went through Starbs instead.

She also took me to deliver a local order(LOVE)!

Taking photos of grown-ups was definitely not my strong! Leslie is a pro though so I'd take a few photos and hand her the phone and she'd give me feedback on angles, etc. Super helpful! 

She totally rocked it. I MEAN, WOW! Look at these photos!

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